Goodbye Madame Butterfly, book

Goodbye Madame Butterfly: Sex, Marriage and the Modern Japanese Woman. By Sumie Kawakami.

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The Book

Sex, Marriage and the Modern Japanese Woman.

Sumie Kawakami’s Goodbye Madame Butterfly is an intimate look at the sex lives of Japanese people from a female perspective. This groundbreaking work of nonfiction will shatter the myth of the pliant, coy Japanese woman and replace her with a complex, erotic, sexually charged and fiercely independent woman who struggles to find her place in a male-dominated society.

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Reviews & Press

Sumie Kawakami is an experienced and intelligent reporter who manages to get her subjects to bare their souls and share their anxieties in a book I found hard to put down. ”

Jeff Kingston, The Japan Times

“Kawakami presents a frank portrait of Japanese women today, via these compulsively readable, expertly crafted essays. Further kudos should go to Yuko Enomoto for her seamless translation.”

Suzanne Kamata, author of Losing Kei

A tartly written, stereotype-blasting and beautifully made book.

Roland Kelts, author of Japanamerica

Refreshingly intense

Colleen Mondor Bookslut

Neojaponisme provides a lengthy and in-depth bilingual interview with author Sumie Kawakami.

“Full of rich details of contemporary Japan ... in the end readers should understand why Madame Butterfly no longer exists. Or perhaps never existed at all.”

Todd Shimoda author of The Fourth Treasure and 365 Views of Mt. Fuji

Daily Yomiuri interview and feature on Sumie Kawakami and Goodbye Madame Butterfly.

“Smart and lively and thoughtful and moving.”

Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket author of the best-selling A Series of Unfortunate Events

“An eye-opening, detailed look at the private, intimate lives of Japanese women ... This is an intelligent and authoritative work. It is at once illuminating and entertaining, credible and so engrossing you will find it difficult to put down.”

Robert Whiting, author of
Tokyo Underworld, The Meaning of Ichiro and You Gotta Have Wa


Hardcover, sewn in placeholder, 224pp, beautifully printed and bound in Japan.

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